Corn is mainly used for growing poultry and cattle. Silages are  produced by fermenting stalks  of green corns. Corn grain is mainly used in industrial applications, such as being transformed into fabric or plastic. A certain amount of corn is hydrolyzed or treated by enzymes to produce syrups, particularly syrup contains high fructose, known as corn syrup, a factor makes more sweet ,and is sometimes fermented and then distilled in some alcohol productions. Traditionally, alcohol that is produced from maize is the source of bourbon whiskey …

Nowadays, the volume of harvest corn in Vietnam only meets 50% of domestic demand, about 50% of remaining part is imported. Therefore, whenever the domestic price increases, foreign corn is imported to replace domestic corn ,and in return, when domestic corn price decreases lower than the world market, the factory will enhance the  consumption by domestic sources.


Quality standards

- Moisture: 13:19%

- Substances: 0.20%

- Weevil: 0.50%

- Sand / Grainy: 2:40%

- County: 1.00%

- Toxicity: 21 PPB