Soybean is a food with high protein ( about 38-43%), high fats ( about 16-18% ), exchanging energy from 3600 to 3700 kcal equivalent to 15-16 MJ / kg of raw material. Biological value of soybean’s protein is quite high, equivalent to animals’s protein, rich in amino acids tript(especially are ophan least Lizi)

Soybean was planted in over 5000 years because it is a source of not only protein, but also calcium, potassium, fiber and folate well. Soybean can be processed into foods like fresh beans, tofu, soy milk, fermentation products such as soy sauce, miso (a fermented tofu Japanese – similar to Vietnamese porridge) , tempeh (Indonesian cuisine) and under thousands forms that have ingredients from protein or soy flour. Such processing flexibility and diversity, it is not too difficult to understand that soybean is considered a common food for vegans and vegetarians. Soybean does not contain fat and cholesterol, so it is a valuable component in the balance nutrition.


Quality standards

- Protein: 35-37% min

- Moisture: 12% min

- Fiber: 7% max

- Sand / Grainy: 6% max

- Fat: 17-20%